Kurmick Maysan Hotel

  • Maysan is a governorate that is located in southeastern part of Iraq. Its administrative centre is the city of Amarah. Prior to 1976 it was known as Amara Province. Its population exceeds one million people. It has old traditions and customs. The governorate of Maysan is divided into six districts: Ali Al-Gharbi, Al-Mejar Al-Kabir, Al-Maimouna, AlKahla, Amarah and Qal’at Saleh. The economy of Maysan has long been based around agriculture. Area: 16,072 km2 • Capital City: Amarah • Average High Temperatures: 16,5°C (January) to 45,5°C (July) • Average Low Temperatures: 6,2°C (January) to 28,5°C (July) • Distribution Rural-Urban: 27,6%-72,4% The city contains many hotels. One of these hotels is a Kurmick Hotel. The Kurmick Hotel is one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the city.